It looks like chicken, but indeed it is alligator



At at first I was hesitant, and to be honest, I didn’t want to do it at all. So,etimes I do things just because other people do it. Of course that is somewhat of a bad trait but I am glad I tried alligator. I tried it just because my brother ate it. Later that night I went and told my mother what I ate and she was pretty upset because I don’t eat her West Indian food hat she makes at home.

Daddy is holding da baby



I really love this picture. This is my father and one of my cousins babies named Zion. I have never seen my dad hold a baby besides me (lol)! He’s such an awesome fun dude. You should really invest in getting a David H. in your life (lol).

Air Max x Jordans



Over the past few years my brother has been collecting and buying shoes. He kind of just buys any pair that he likes but they are never boring shoes that everybody has. Hes into being different and I really like that about him. I’m not really into sneakers at all. I like certain Air Maxes and Jordan 1’s, they’re my favorite. Hopefully, when I’m older and with a job, i’ll buy some of the sneakers I like. As for right now, all my money is going to my bank or towards some food!